Focus T25 Cost

When I was first looking into getting my Focus T25 workout package I wanted to know what the Focus T25 was and where I could get the best price on the package.

The first place that I went was the official website to see what the Focus T25 cost there. Then I also did comparisons between other websites as well and I’ll tell you what I found, which was pretty surprising. What I found out was that the Focus T25 cost is cheapest at the official website. On the official site I only had to pay $120 to get the full Focus T25 package.

The other places that I went were much more expensive for the workout program. When I checked Amazon, which is typically a website renowned for having the best prices and finding great deals, was more expensive than the official website. On Amazon the Focus T25 costs $140. I was surprised to see that official website had the best price. I expected Amazon to have the best prices.

I also chose to order from the official website because other website don’t always have the most current version of the workout, or they may not have a money back guarantee, or their money back guarantee may be more difficult to work with.

Another reason that I chose to order from the official website is because sometimes other website may not have the full package and I didn’t want to miss out anything from the Focus T25 program.

From the official website Focus T25 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. I was glad that I would be able to see what the workouts were going to be like and I how could I adjust them into my schedule before deciding if I wanted to keep the program or not. I knew that by ordering through the Focus T25 official website that I wouldn’t have any problems with ordering or that if I wasn’t satisfied with the program I could easily send it back for a full refund without any hassles.

Focus T25 has brought my fitness to a whole new level. I never knew that I could get great results in less than thirty minutes of working out. I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to achieve the body that I have now because I never had a lot of time to dedicate to fitness.

Shaun T created Focus T25 for people like me who don’t have a lot of time, but still want to make sure that their bodies are fit and healthy. By focusing my intensity for only 25 minutes a day has made a huge difference.

Before using the Focus T25 program I was in a pretty good shape, but I didn’t have a lot of define muscles like I wanted. I really wanted to have wash board abs. I tried using a lot of other at home workout programs, but they were all too long and I lacked a lot of motivation to do them.

The Focus T25 took away all of my excuses for not having my dream abs and helped me to reach my goals in half the time that it would have taken with other programs. That is why I recommend this program to everyone. Everyone can spare 25 minutes a day to dedicate to themselves to making healthy changes in their lives. There is no longer the excuse of not having time to workout.

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Focus T25 Fitness

Focus T25 Workout

One of the main questions that I get asked is what is the Focus T25 workout actually like. A lot of people have wanted to know if it similar to Insanity, Shaun T’s previous workout program, and what the differences are. Having used both programs I thought that I would be able to help answer questions and compare between the two workouts.

When I used Insanity I really liked the workout program, however they were pretty long. The reason that I got the workout program Insanity was because I didn’t have time to dedicate to going to the gym. Going to the gym meant that I would have to get ready to go, drive to the gym, spend the time working out, drive home, and then shower and get ready for the rest of the day. It was time consuming and I was looking for an alternative to save time and money. The home workout program seemed like the perfect solution.

What I really like about Insanity and Shaun T is that while other programs out there promise to deliver results, Insanity and Shaun T actually do.

The workout program Insanity has it all: cardio, abs, resistance training, and a full nutritional program. The only thing that Insanity lacks is convenience. The program is designed be done for about an hour 6 days a week. I personally didn’t have the time for that, but I loved the program.

When Shaun T came out with Focus T25 I knew that it was the perfect solution to my problem. The Focus T25 workout is just like Insanity, but half the time. That is what makes the program great because it takes all of the great training from Insanity, and then transforms it so that everyone will have the time to complete the program.

Focus T25 workouts are only 25 minutes long, for five days a week rather than 45 minute workouts at 6 days a week. That is the biggest difference between the two workout programs. Focus T25 delivers the same results as Insanity while requiring less time.

Both Insanity and Focus T25 are based on Max Interval Training, which means that you exercise at a high pace for a few minutes and then rest for an even shorter amount of time. The difference about Focus T25 is that Shaun T wanted to bring the focus and intensity levels up. There aren’t breaks in Focus T25 anymore because the workouts are not as long as Insanity.

I was honestly worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up without breaks but the way that Shaun T makes it accomplishable is by making the exercise times shorter. For example, in Insanity the exercise periods are about 3-4 minutes, and in Focus T25 workout they are about a minute long.

When I tell people that Focus T25 has no breaks like Insanity a lot of people get discouraged, however I have to let everyone know that it really isn’t bad not having breaks like Insanity. Because the workouts are only 25 minutes time passes by really fast; before I know it the workout is already over. Not having breaks makes the workouts go by faster and I still get the same results as if I was doing an hour workout.

I recommend this program to everyone. All it takes to get in the best shape ever is dedication—Dedication to yourself and to actually doing the workouts. Using the Focus T25 workout has been worth every minute for me. I have finally been able to find time to dedicate to my health.

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Focus T25 Calendar

Hey everyone, I am back to go into some detail about the Focus T25 calendar. I personally really liked having the Focus T25 calendar because it helped me to know which workouts to do on each day. It took the guessing out of which workouts to do. I was glad that I didn’t have to try and decide which workouts to do on my own and hope that I would get the best results. Shaun T designed the Focus T25 and the Focus T25 calendar to make sure that everyone who uses the program would get the results that they wanted.

The Focus T25 workout program is broken down into two segments, Alpha and Beta, and a Focus T25 calendar comes with the offer for both.

Alpha Calendar

Beta Calendar

The Focus T25 workouts are meant to be completed five times a week at 25 minutes per workout. What I like about the Focus T25 calendars is that it comes with a section for you to check off each day and how you felt about how you completed each workout.

On each day there are two boxes that you can choose from on how you felt about how you completed the workout, it says either Nailed it, or Barely Made It. I wish there was an option in between, but on days where I felt like I barely made it I got more motivation to get my workout done and to do it the best that I could. Plus, as I progressed through the program I noticed that I got better each time. The workouts were hard at first, but my body adjusted and built more muscle to accommodate for the workouts I was doing, and that was exactly what I wanted.

On Fridays the Shaun T recommends that you do two of the 25 minute workouts to get the best results possible. However, if you don’t have the time to complete two of the workouts one of them can be done on a Saturday or a Sunday. There were some days were I didn’t have the time to complete both of the extra workouts on the Friday so I moved it to a weekday, or just did it over the weekend. The Focus T5 calendar makes it easy to switch up the workouts.

Then what I also liked about the Focus T25 calendar is that on Saturdays you measure yourself and track your progress. Saturdays were the only day that I would weight myself and check my measurement and each time that I checked it was cool to be able to see my personal progress with the Focus T25 workout program.

The only thing that was stopping me from getting the body that I really wanted was time. I felt like I never had enough time and now that I use the Focus T25 program time isn’t an issue for me anymore. I finally got the defined muscles that I wanted and that is why I recommend this program to everyone. It really works to shed fat quickly and to build lean, toned muscle.

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Focus T25 Fitness

Focus T25 Price

When I was first looking into getting Focus T25 I wanted to know what the Focus T25 price was and what would come with the Focus T25 package when I placed my order.

So I went to the Focus T25 official website to have my questions answered. The official website was able to answer a lot of my initial questions about the Focus T25 workout program.

The Focus T25 package comes with 10 workout DVDs. Each DVD is meant to focus on a different part of the body, but what I’ve noticed is that all of the DVDs workout my entire body.

The first five DVDs are part of the Alpha: The Foundation part of the workout program. Alpha Cycle, the first part of the program, really gets the body warmed up and ready to start using the program. Plus, there is always a modifier to make sure that everyone can be able to complete the program. I like that Focus T25 is geared toward everyone and that it is easier for everyone to be able to do.

The next five DVDs are called Beta Cycle, which focuses on the core. The Beta phase of the workout was more challenging than Alpha. The moves in Beta are meant to be more challenging, but accomplishable. I felt really awesome after finishing the Beta cycle workouts because it challenged my body and I found new strength that I didn’t know that I had before starting the Beta cycle.

The Beta Cycle is also geared towards getting ripped abs. In this cycle I could feel that the workouts were meant for getting abs, which was what I really wanted out of the program. Even though the cycle is geared towards abs, the workouts targeted my entire body as well.

The package also comes with tools to make sure that everyone has success with using the program. It comes with a Quick-Start guide to help everyone get started and to learn what will help get the best results.

It also comes with the T25 nutrition program that was really easy to follow. The nutrition program follows a 5 small meal a day program to make sure that metabolism stays high throughout the day. The meals are really simple to prepare and most can be done in under ten minutes, which is perfect for me. And the ingredients lists are really short too. The meals are simple and taste great.

A calendar for both the Alpha and the Beta cycle come with the Focus T25 order as well. I really liked getting the calendar so I didn’t have to guess which workout to do that day.

Then, there are also bonuses that come with the Focus T25 order. The bonuses are: an extra workout DVD of stretching, a resistance band (which is the only extra equipment you’ll need to do the workouts), a 5-day fast track meal plan, and 24/7 online support to get the motivation from other people using the program and trainers.

The Focus T25 gives everything that is needed to make the program a success for each person. The Focus T25 price is really reasonable as well. The whole package only costs 3 payments of $39.95 (or $120). Focus T25 has been worth every penny for me because of how much it has changed my health and fitness. And I didn’t have to buy any more equipment to use the program either. Once I purchased the Focus T25 package, that was it. I was ready to start getting things done.

Because of the Focus T25 workout program I now have my dream abs and defined muscles. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth every minute spent using this program. The Focus T25 program really helped me to fit in a great workout that delivers real results in a short amount of time. I recommend this program to everyone because anyone can spare 25 minutes a day to get into the best shape possible.

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Focus T25 Fitness

Focus T25 Review


Workout Time T25My name is Keith and this is my Focus T25 review site. I wanted to make my own Focus T25 review so that I could share my experience with the Focus T25 workout and to hopefully be able to answer questions out there about the workout program.

In the past I have used quite a few workout programs to get into great shape. Before using the Focus T25 I was in pretty good shape but I was having a hard time getting really defined muscles and I felt like time was my biggest hindrance in getting the body that I wanted.

I actually used Shaun T’s previous workout program Insanity, however I didn’t stay dedicated to that program because the workouts were about 45 minutes long, and I have a really busy schedule. I work two jobs which totals over 70 hours a week. It was hard for me to be able to sacrifice the time that most workout programs require because how much work I have. But I really liked the Insanity program because it is a challenging workout and it helped me to lose some weight when I did use it. I knew that those were the kind of workouts that were going to get the body changing results.

I first saw Shaun T’s new workout program Focus T25 from the Focus T25 official website. I was really excited because it seemed like it was the perfect solution to my time issues. I would still be able to work out with one of the most renowned trainers but with a time limit that was convenient for me.

The difference between all of the other workout programs out there and Focus T25 is the time. Shaun T created a program that leaves room for no excuses. The workouts are only 25 minutes a day. Because the workouts are only 25 minutes I knew that I could easily accommodate the workouts into my schedule. Shaun T wanted to make a workout program that everyone could do, and he did.

Even though the workouts are only 25 minutes long, they are still the best workout possible. With the Focus T25 I realized that I don’t have to spend hours in the gym lifting weight like I thought I would to get bigger muscles. Shaun T created another success workout program to help people get their dream bodies.

All the Focus T25 workout program requires is personal dedication. For me it was really easy to give my all during the workout because they are only 25 minutes long. Another reason that I didn’t like long workouts was because I felt like they would never end. Now, with the Focus T25 I only have to give 25 minutes and it has been worth every minute.

I have been really impressed with my personal Focus T25 results and I hope that my Focus T25 review is comprehensive and helpful for anyone out there who is looking to get into the best shape possible. I recommend the Focus T25 workout to everyone because it is a program that everyone has time for and it has changed my life.

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Focus T25 Fitness